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Keeping your donors

Learn about ten of the main reasons donors stop supporting a charity
and what you can do to prevent those things in your relationships with
donors. Includes four practical tips for keeping donors happily involved
with your organization.

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Time: 17:49

The Myth of Donor Burnout

Program #1

A lot of fundraisers live in fear that they'll talk to their donors too much
and cause them to "burn out" ... dry up and blow away ... get annoyed
and give less ... or even stop giving forever. Good news! That doesn't
really happen. In this program, we take a look at the grains of truth in
the donor burnout myth that you should be paying attention to. But
more important, we'll help you break free from this debilitating belief
that could be costing you a lot of revenue and donors.

The Myth of Donor Burnout (program #1)

Time: 16:52

Jeff Brooks is fundraisingologist at Moceanic. Steven Screen is co-founder of The Better Fundraising Company, and a past winner of the Direct Mail Package of the Year award from FundRaising Success magazine, which surprisingly led to him getting fired. Between them, they have nearly 50 years of experience helping excellent nonprofits raise money for their causes. That's a lot of years, but they aren't all that old, really. Yet.



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