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October 2011

Beauty is overrated

Are you creating fundraising that looks great or that gets results? Often, you can do one or the other, not both. In this look at the power of the odd, unattractive, and unfashionable in direct mail, broadcast, and online, we'll show you how the quest to make your fundraising aesthetically pleasing usually leads to lower results. Mentioned in this podcast: Monday Morning Memo by Roy H. Williams.

Program #46

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Time: 12:22

What is your website for?

If the purpose of your website is to raise funds, why is fundraising limited to a couple of "DONATE" buttons? Here's a look at how you can maximize online revenue by making your website relevant, useful, and easy for donors.

Websites mentioned in this podcast:

Program #45

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Time: 16:06

Jeff Brooks is fundraisingologist at Moceanic. Steven Screen is co-founder of The Better Fundraising Company, and a past winner of the Direct Mail Package of the Year award from FundRaising Success magazine, which surprisingly led to him getting fired. Between them, they have nearly 50 years of experience helping excellent nonprofits raise money for their causes. That's a lot of years, but they aren't all that old, really. Yet.



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